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Have you ever watched a bird soaring high in the sky and wondered how it would feel to fly?

A tandem/dual paraglider flight with Fly Tandem PARAGLIDING MALLORCA makes it possible for almost anyone to discover the thrill of free flight and the freedom of soaring the sea breezes and thermal winds effortlessly like a gliding bird. 

We usually fly from Puig de St. Marti, overlooking the bays of Alcudia and Pollenca. It is an ideal site for tandem paragliding as it offers dependable thermo dynamic flight conditions as well as the famous local convergence, throughout much of the year, with vehicular access to both the take off and landing areas.

Friends and family can choose to be at the take off or in the landing field for photo opportunities.



At  Fly Tandem  PARAGLIDING MALLORCA we have flown with passengers in their teens to passengers well into their 80s!  Provided you can run a few steps and follow some simple instructions, you can fly with a tandem paraglider pilot fully licensed and insured to fly a tandem paraglider with a passenger. The passenger can relax and enjoy the flight.  


An average intro tandem flight lasts 20 minutes.

Flights of over an hour can be made when the conditions are favourable and by prior agreement with the pilot. 


Many people are surprised by the tranquility they experience after the initial adrenaline rush of flying away from the mountain.

However, some passengers may experience nausea or motion sickness at some point during the flight. A ginger tea infusion or sucking on a ginger sweet helps prevent this nausea from coming on. 


A tandem paraglider is larger than a standard solo wing and is designed to carry the weight of two people. The pilot and passenger each have their own harness and are connected together by spreader bars with the pilot positioned behind the passenger. The passenger will receive a full pre-flight briefing before the flight. The pilot will run pre-flight checks while he prepares the passenger for takeoff.

On count down the pilot and passenger will move forward a few steps to inflate the glider and may immediately move back a few steps if the wind is strong...a final check is made by the pilot before he gives the command to RUN...until both are lifted gently off the ground and are flying!




The pilot will communicate with the passenger during the flight and may ask him/her to weight shift to assist with turns.

When landing, it is important to land on both feet, keeping legs together with knees bent to absorb any slight impact.


The passenger will be offered the choice of taking a wide angle HD inflight video of their flight with our own specialised equipment.

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